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‘Among the Leaves, Among the Shadows’

Jess Jarvie https://www.jessjarvieartist.com

Among the Leaves, Among the Shadows, is a body of work that examines the gesture and innate character of indigenous flora. These botanical portraits depict the flora as specimens, in isolation from their natural environment. A strong focus is given to depicting shadows and exploring compositional arrangements. Through the interplay of these elements I am looking to imbue feelings of tension, rest and contemplation and ultimately impart an emotional response in the viewer.  

Jess Jarvie is a painter working predominantly in Watercolour. She works from her home studio in the Bend of Islands, Melbourne Australia.

Jess finds peace in the process of painting and her work offers a quiet contemplation on natures treasures with a focus on instilling feelings of tension and rest.

She is a member of the Nillumbik artists open studio program. Her studio is open three weekends a year and other times by appointment. To see more details about this program visit https://www.artistsopenstudios.com/